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  1. Sacrum bone found in Tequixquiac is considered a work of prehistoric art.
  2. The sacrum articulates ( forms a joint ) with four other bones.
  3. The pelvis was connected to a sacrum formed by seven sacral vertebrae.
  4. The sacrum is strengthened through an additional fourth sacral vertebra.
  5. Less common are fractures to the femur, pelvis, and sacrum.
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  7. His doctoral thesis was on surgeries performed through the sacrum.
  8. The five sacral vertebrae have not yet fused into a real sacrum.
  9. They connect the axis, to the first segment of the sacrum.
  10. He also founded a music group, " Musicae Artis Sacrum ".
  11. In 1975 he was President of Collegum Otorhinolaryngologicum Amicitiae Sacrum.
  12. It consists of a sacrum connected to two ilia.
  13. The paratype was specimen CV 210, a sacrum.
  14. The sacrum includes four vertebrae, which are not strongly fused and incomplete.
  15. It contains a pelvis with sacrum, two vertebrae and three back plates.
  16. "Canticum Sacrum " is in five retrograde of the first.
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