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  1. This is a sacrosanct last bulwark of liberty for our yeomanship.
  2. The Constitution itself, while revered, is less than sacrosanct.
  3. Aid to Israel, however, was sacrosanct, he said.
  4. Steve Martin steps with surprising ease into a dangerously sacrosanct role.
  5. A transcript is considered practically sacrosanct, like a holy document.
  6. It's difficult to find sacrosanct in a sentence.
  7. The Socialists previously regarded the franc-mark link as sacrosanct.
  8. Until the 1950s, marketing to kids was regarded as sacrosanct.
  9. They say the psychiatrist-patient relationship is sacrosanct and confidential.
  10. Also, make weekends sacrosanct unless there's an emergency.
  11. Regular workers, for that matter, are not sacrosanct either.
  12. But Nussle argued that military spending should not be held sacrosanct.
  13. There is nothing sacrosanct about a balanced budget, of course.
  14. This has been a sacrosanct area ever since the Watergate scandals.
  15. The integrity of our party . . . must be sacrosanct.
  16. The dividend, in Doyle's reply, was sacrosanct.
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