saccus in a sentence

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  1. It ends below at the abdominal inguinal ring in a tube of peritoneum, the saccus vaginalis, which protrudes itself down the inguinal canal.
  2. But the most common kind of head-dress for females was called by the general name of " cecryphalus ", and this was divided into the three species of cecryphalus, saccus, and mitra.
  3. Saccus lane debet ponderare viginti & octo petras & solebat ponderare unam summam frumenti & ponderat sextam partem unius carri de plumbo . sexies viginti petre faciunt carrum plumbi scilicet magnum carrum London & rsquo; set carrus del Peek est multo minus.
  4. This duct is joined by the ductus utriculosaccularis, and then passes along the aqu鎑uctus vestibuli and ends in a blind pouch "'saccus endolymphaticus "'( endolymphatic sac ) on the posterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, where it is in contact with the dura mater.
  5. Rumen of a sheep from left . 1 Atrium ruminis, 2 Saccus dorsalis, 3 Saccus ventralis, 4 Recessus ruminis, 5 Saccus cecus caudodorsalis, 6 Saccus cecus caudoventralis, 7 Sulcus cranialis, 8 Sulcus longitudinalis sinister, 9 Sulcus coronarius dorsalis, 10 Sulcus coronarius ventralis, 11 Sulcus caudalis, 12 Sulcus accessorius sinister, 13 Insula ruminis, 14 Sulcus ruminoreticularis, 15 Reticulum, 16 Abomasum, 17 Oesophagus, 18 Spleen.

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