saccules in a sentence

  1. The saccule gathers sensory information to orient the body in space.
  2. The otoliths have two components : the utricle and the saccule.
  3. The saccule detects linear accelerations and head tilts in the vertical plane.
  4. Both the utricle and the saccule provide information about acceleration.
  5. The macula of saccule lies in a nearly vertical position.
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  7. The saccule translates head movements into neural impulses which the brain can interpret.
  8. Static balance is provided by two ventricles, the utricle and the saccule.
  9. The saccule, or sacculus, is the smaller of the two vestibular sacs.
  10. For this reason, the saccule is sometimes called an " otolithic organ ."
  11. Part of the saccule will eventually give rise and connect to the cochlear duct.
  12. Subsequent work led to the suggestion that the saccule was the end organ excited.
  13. Two other organs that are part of the vestibular system are the utricle and saccule.
  14. The structures that enable the saccule to gather this vestibular information are the hair cells.
  15. It receives the sound in its saccule, a sensory organ in the inner ear.
  16. This duct appears approximately during the sixth week and connects to the saccule through the ductus reuniens.
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