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  1. From 1080 to 1098, Ghibbelin of Sabran, who was later Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.
  2. The name燿e Sabran has since been carried by the燿e Pontev鑣爁amily, through the adoption in ?832.
  3. When the Glorious Revolution began, Sabran was responsible for getting the prince out of the country.
  4. Sabran is a region in France, though, so that doesn't seem to fit.
  5. Despite her vow, at the age of twenty, she was married to Elz閍r, Count of Sabran.
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  7. Si funciona bien, todos sabran quien eres . . . toda la gente en la industria, el publico.
  8. Once the crisis was passed, Father Sabran's rule was successful, and he remained there until 1704.
  9. Rivalry ended in 1195 when Gersende de Sabran, comtesse de Forcalquier, married Ramon B閞enger IV inherited the two counties.
  10. His books were published by Rouge et Or, the publishing house where his brother Guy Sabran worked as an illustrator.
  11. Then Raymond IV dispatched Raymond, Guillaume de Sabran, and Raymond I of Turenne, with 50 horsemen to protect them.
  12. He appealed to members of the public with information to contact him or Investigation Officer Deputy Superintendent Hamid Sabran at 09-7257222.
  13. Ferdinand of Majorca invaded the Morea and tried to seize the vacant princely throne in right of his wife, Isabella of Sabran.
  14. In 1313 she claimed them again without success and then transferred her rights to her daughter Isabelle of Sabran, wife of Ferdinand of Majorca.
  15. In 1686, he was reproved for his antipapal preaching and his controversy with the king's chaplain, Lewis Sabran; his pension was stopped.
  16. Sherlock coincidentally issued a reply to Sabran as the revolution was starting, entitled " A Vindication : an Answer to the Cavils of Lewis Sabran ".
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