sabotage in a sentence

"sabotage" meaning  
  1. The agents died or disappeared, and the operations were sabotaged.
  2. Curtis, perhaps unwittingly, sabotages his last high school game.
  3. He proposed sabotaging public utilities, a plan the group rejected.
  4. But two bus line operators set out to sabotage the effort.
  5. Sabotage was not discussed at the meeting, the source said.
  6. It's difficult to find sabotage in a sentence.
  7. Hart was told about a plan to sabotage the oil fields.
  8. Only small sabotage groups in the Zavodskoy and Oktyabrsky districts remained.
  9. They have burned bridges, blocked roads and sabotaged work sites.
  10. Schumacher said a five-cent O-ring sabotaged him.
  11. Injuries beyond Green's control also have sabotaged the season.
  12. Suspicions that Union sabotage was involved fueled the rage for revenge.
  13. They refused to comment whether the shutdown was caused by sabotage.
  14. Yet the president seems determined to sabotage his own good idea.
  15. Phillips turned his attention elsewhere, but injuries sabotaged his discussions.
  16. Are the Senate Republicans just trying to sabotage the Clinton presidency?
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