sabotage production in a sentence

  1. The fiNal0elements of the old regime are trying to sabotage production,
  2. Youth gangs have kidnaped oil workers and sabotaged production, which has cost Nigeria billions of dollars.
  3. A separate risk looms at chemical plants, where many workers who could sabotage production lines to cause dangerous explosions or leaks are not carefully screened for potential terrorist links, officials say.
  4. When " Abe's Oddysee " was in production, the developers found that a male executive at publisher GT Interactive tried to sabotage production because he didn't like the game being made.
  5. Sabotage movies showed a reactionary figure from the " old regime ", often an engineer or an intellectual, who works as an agent to sabotage production, sometimes collaborating with " western forces ".
  6. It's difficult to find sabotage production in a sentence.

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