sabotage charge in a sentence

  1. Dissident executives from PDVSA deny sabotage charges.
  2. Dissident employees deny the sabotage charges.
  3. Browde said Falun Gong had no information about the broadcast sabotage charges and called them " kind of strange ."
  4. Three Americans arrested after the discovery of a stash of weapons at Harare's airport face terrorism and sabotage charges, police said.
  5. A member of the ANC since 1961, he received military training in East Germany, and was imprisoned on sabotage charges in 1964.
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  7. He strenuously denied Thursday that he ever sought to have Mandela hanged, though the sabotage charges he filed were usually punished by death.
  8. The cause was lung cancer, said Hugh Lewin, a friend who spent seven years in prison with Schoon, both of them on sabotage charges.
  9. The next day two naval ensign was stricken, and Commander Westermann was informed that he would be facing sabotage charges in a German military court.
  10. Mandela took the stand Monday _ the first time since in 32 years, when he was sentenced to life on sabotage charges against the apartheid state.
  11. At a news conference Monday, he said the judge's decision not to cite sabotage charges " does not mean the investigation into sabotage is ruled out ."
  12. He even argued that he had actually been Mandela's savior by pursuing the sabotage charge rather than the charge of high treason, which certainly would have led to the death penalty.
  13. After the Battle of Matewan, Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers were summoned from the union stronghold at Matewan to answer minor strike-related sabotage charges in general uprising of West Virginia coal miners.
  14. After the conviction on the sabotage charge, the judge in the case, Quartus de Wet, said the crime was " in essence high treason, " but decided against imposing the death penalty.
  15. An American linked to the banned Falun Gong spiritual group has gone on hunger strike in a Chinese prison where he is serving a three-year sentence on sabotage charges, the U . S . Embassy said Monday.
  16. Police earlier called the inclusion of the sabotage charges " most serious " and insisted their case against Chatty had gotten stronger since he was arrested Thursday at the airport in this town northwest of the capital, Stockholm.
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