sabadilla in a sentence

  1. Sabadilla dust also is touted as effective in controlling stink bugs.
  2. Pesticides that target stink bugs include pyrethrin and sabadilla.
  3. Sabadilla is toxic to humans and bees but apparently not to ladybugs and other predator insects.
  4. If gardeners must use pesticides, they can choose plant-derived botanical ones, such as rotenone, pyrethrin and sabadilla.
  5. Vicki Meagher, 44, a technical writer from Groton, Mass ., doesn't bother with a homeopath but simply treats herself for hay fever _ with a plant extract called sabadilla.
  6. It's difficult to find sabadilla in a sentence.
  7. The two species with the widest distributions, " S . yucatanense " ( sometimes treated as part of " S . ghiesbreghtii " ) and " S . officinale " ( sabadilla ), may have been spread by pre-Columbians who used the seeds as pesticides.

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