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  1. In the last 50 years, Southern California's waves have progressively gotten bigger.
  2. Assimilation always has been a decades-long process for America's waves of immigrants.
  3. Due to your cat's waving, we were able to hear your preaching.
  4. Mexico's wave of kidnappings has terrorized shopkeepers and farmers, bankers and entertainers.
  5. "Many PLA elders are scared by Jiang's waving the flag of anti-corruption.
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  7. And the earthquake that set Sunday's waves in motion was uncommonly powerful.
  8. He's waving his finger over his head, egging the fans on ."
  9. I'm just looking at my third base coach, and he's waving me in.
  10. "I don't keep track of who's waved into the White House,"
  11. Ripple marks created by the sea's wave action are visible in the shale.
  12. He is also the Division Head for the PSFC's Waves and Beams Division.
  13. She sees woman as lulled by the sea's waves, colors, fish and fauna.
  14. When the checkered flag's waving, nobody is going to let off.
  15. Boston won 7-6 on Carlton Fisk's waved-fair homer in the 12th.
  16. How could a low-definition picture of a song's wave form be copyright infringement?
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