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  1. In Prussia, Voltaire's acid tongue got him into trouble with the ruler.
  2. On December 17, it reached # 5 on Amazon's Acid Jazz chart.
  3. In April, Zayar Thaw's Acid co-founder Yan Yan Chan was also arrested.
  4. Meldrum's acid has a high acidity with a pKa of 4.97.
  5. In Lardner's acid-etched portrait, " You Know Me Al : A Busher's Letters,"
  6. It's difficult to find s acid in a sentence.
  7. That's a stark change from Green's acid-tinged remarks about Hundley in mid-August 1993.
  8. Combining Chicago's acid sound with Florida's breakbeat, it was a completely different sound.
  9. "When you are struck, you think there's acid in this, " he said.
  10. And each time I'd steel myself for yet another of Miss Sisson's acid comments.
  11. Les Trois Garcons is anything but traditional _ more like a taxidermist's acid trip.
  12. He survives but is wounded from the Will's acid spit.
  13. Decision-making, what he decides and how he decides it, is a captain's acid test.
  14. Large scale production of Caro's acid is usually done on site, due to its instability.
  15. China's acid rain has also raised complaints in countries downwind, like Japan and South Korea.
  16. Nitrosobenzene can also be prepared by oxidation of aniline using peroxymonosulfuric acid ( Caro's acid ).
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