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  1. Offered crack, she binged for three mind-rushing weeks.
  2. The Chiefs defense gave up 37 yards rushing to the Saints.
  3. His rushing total ranked as the 20th best in NCAA history.
  4. "We certainly didn't do any rushing around.
  5. Sanders was sensational, rushing for 194 yards on 40 carries.
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  7. The Dolphins had just 24 yards rushing in the first half.
  8. Jerome Bettis, the battering Ram, gained 132 yards rushing.
  9. Survivors told of passengers frantically rushing about naked or in nightclothes.
  10. Lockwood had 194 rushing yards for the game and Purdy 132.
  11. But the Beavers'wishbone offense accounted for 428 yards rushing.
  12. He had the seventh most productive rushing day in Dolphin history.
  13. Smith has now scored a rushing touchdown in seven consecutive games.
  14. Or Rodney Hampton rushing for just 34 yards on 18 carries.
  15. Hampton looked great, rushing for 138 yards on 30 attempts.
  16. The Vikings have scored two rushing touchdowns the past five weeks.
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