rural-urban fringe in a sentence

"rural-urban fringe" in Chinese  
  1. The discussion of administration on the rural - urban fringe
  2. A research on the development of the rural - urban fringe ' rural economy of the western major city proper
  3. The rural - urban fringe is an area which is situated between city and countryside and has transitional characteristics of city and countryside . so the country in it is a sort of special one
  4. This thesis is divided into five parts : part one makes a demarcation line on the rural - urban fringe of chongqing ' s major city proper and gives an explanation on the overall features
  5. Dealing with the problems of rural - urban fringe and city culture construction , it is necessary route and premise guarantee to realize the development target of modern internationalism city
  6. It's difficult to find rural-urban fringe in a sentence.
  7. This paper analyzes the driving forces of farmland non - agricultural conversion in rural - urban fringes , and puts forward the countermeasures including regulations and laws to protect cultivated land resources in rural - urban fringes
  8. Under the influence of regional conditions , land comparative interests , differential land benefit , and urban economy radiation , the rural - urban fringes have become the main areas of farmland non - agricultural conversion and cultivated land loss
  9. As the country in the rural - urban fringe of the major city proper whose agricultural and rural development plays a significant exemplary and transmitting role . based on the interpretation on relative theories and the object reality this thesis gives a preliminary inquiry and study
  10. When urbanization develops further and the conflict between the use of earth in city construction and city population is more and more outstanding , the problem of rural - urban fringe becomes more important and more outstanding . it influents the whole city construction thoroughly analyzing the problem of rural - urban fringe in theory is propitious to shenzhen ' s intensivism development . this article probes into some theory countermeasures , measures and advise
  11. But urbanization also brings a lot of new problems to city construction , such as city layout lagged , faulty city basic establishment , weak change of counties and weak construction management about rural - urban fringe . this problems have touched the advance of urbanization and the development of society and economic
  12. This article discusses the concepts , basic theory , correlation subject and content , etc . combining shenzhen ' s practice of city construction in urbanization , this article brings forward and analyses two issues : rural - urban fringe and city culture construction in city construction
  13. Especially in recent 10 years , following the development of industrialization and urbanization with higher speed , rural - urban fringes expanding and moving forward to the villages all around with constructed urban areas as the centre , have caused a large number of cultivated land resource irreversible running off , and aggravated our country ' s originally already tense person - ground contradiction

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