rural-urban continuum in a sentence

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  1. Study of the land sustainable utilization about the rural - urban continuum during the urbanization
  2. The management problem of rural - urban continuum eventually was the result of urbanization . urbanization develops faster , there are more problems in the rural - urban continuum
  3. The thesis analyzed the land running situation and using efficiency of the rural - urban continuum , and provided the strategy to establish the market of rural - urban continuum
  4. With the rapid development of urbanization , almost all of the large cities in our country are facing the same problem which rural - urban continuum restricts the development of the cities
  5. Because the state of our country , during urbanization of rural - urban continuum , government is a sole purchaser of the collective land property and a sole provide of the nationalized land , so the market of the land is a monopolized market
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  7. A case of guangzhou city in the paper , from the management of external floating population , the management of building construction and rent , the planning and the planning management , the system of administrational management , through surveying the problems which appeared in rural - urban continuum during the city rapid development , searching and rethinking the source of society and economy , finding the most core and essential problems in rural - urban continuum : first , the rural - urban dual mechanism restricts the development of urbanization ; second , the mechanism of the land exploitation and management in rural - urban continuum was imperfect , which lead to the lower using efficiency of land
  8. Therefore , to solve the management problem of rural - urban continuum at all , which starting with urbanization . in the last unit , the thesis analyzed the mode of zhujiang - detla ' s urbanization , pointed out development strategy of urbanization in rural - urban continuum of zhujiang - detla , to refer to certain development in the city management
  9. From the form , characteristic , import and function of the dual mechanism , the thesis analyzed and searched influence of the rural - urban continuum ' s urbanization and raised strategy of the rural - urban harmonious development and unify . land as a special capital in the city development , it is very important that how to utilize and dispose it

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