rural architecture in a sentence

"rural architecture" in Chinese  
  1. It is composed of a dozen of houses with rural architecture.
  2. The popular clothes, rural architecture, traditions and language are all well-preserved.
  3. Small houses, examples of popular rural architecture, represent the tradition of the place.
  4. It had even won the Best Rural Architecture'award in 1991.
  5. The Bradley-Hubbell House, a prime example of early 19th-century rural architecture, is being meticulously restored.
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  7. This floorplan has deep roots in Germany's rural architecture.
  8. Nrityagram received the award for best rural architecture from the Vice-President of India in 1991.
  9. The town has a quaint architectural style that echoes the colonial rural architecture of Chile.
  10. For Bohn, the pitched metal roof recalls the rural architecture of the town where she grew up.
  11. The "'Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok "'( ) is one of the biggest open-air museums in Poland.
  12. This territory houses several " mini-villages " that represent by region the traditional rural architecture of Ukraine.
  13. During the 12th and 13th centuries, in the GosBawice district : Rural architecture, reflected in an open-air museum
  14. The artist had demonstrated his ability to transfer his attraction to Parisian architecture to American urban and rural architecture.
  15. Northern and western part of the region is a rolling, densely forested, hilly country with traditional wooden rural architecture.
  16. The unknown builder closely followed plans published by architect Richard Upjohn in his 1852 book " Rural Architecture ".
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