rural and urban in a sentence

"rural and urban" in Chinese  
  1. -- SOUTHLAND RECORDS : Blues, both rural and urban.
  2. Religious services are well attended in both rural and urban areas.
  3. This organisation operates in the rural and urban areas of Cameroon.
  4. With wide strengthening of Economy among both rural and urban people.
  5. Rural and urban cantons had the same standing in the federation.
  6. It's difficult to find rural and urban in a sentence.
  7. Armenians in Syria are present in both rural and Urban areas.
  8. Today, marriage dynamics generally vary between rural and urban areas.
  9. Cooperative banks in India serve both the rural and urban societies.
  10. The church was divided into two parts; rural and urban.
  11. Our guys have a mixture of rural and urban in their songs.
  12. Ukraine has begun to privatize state firms and rural and urban land.
  13. Table 1 shows that poverty fell in both rural and urban India.
  14. Justice draws much of its support from the rural and urban poor.
  15. All administrative and judicial differences between rural and urban areas were abolished.
  16. The Movement fought the Batista regime on both rural and urban fronts.
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