rural american in a sentence

  1. Rural Americans make up about 20 percent of the population.
  2. Rural American communities also suffer from a chronic lack of medical care.
  3. Some politicians fear that many rural Americans will go uncounted.
  4. Denver portrayed a rural American paradise of natural beauty and unfailing true love.
  5. Experts say this is good news for rural Americans.
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  7. The families had come from the rural American South for the industrial jobs.
  8. The people who stand to suffer the most, unfortunately, are rural Americans,
  9. Rural Americans used every bit of the pig, and every farm raised some.
  10. However, geophagia has become less prevalent as rural Americans assimilate into urban culture.
  11. That open handshake ( among rural Americans ) is fast turning into a closed fist.
  12. Contemporary country music descends ultimately from a rural American folk tradition but has evolved differently.
  13. In many cases, the Shaker seeds were the only seed source for rural Americans.
  14. A " yes " vote favors improved access to health care for rural Americans.
  15. Discovered by a caring couple, this youngster is adopted and raised in a quaint, rural American setting.
  16. The problem has swept not just into the Grand Valley but into other areas of the rural American West.
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