routes in a sentence

"routes" in Chinese  
  1. But a funny thing happened on the way to a route.
  2. Use this spot to orient your dog to the escape route.
  3. It sits on 17 acres at Interstate Routes 287 and 87.
  4. Their mission was to find trade routes and plunder incoming ships.
  5. There are a great number of players well down the route.
  6. It's difficult to find routes in a sentence.
  7. Sometimes it was the stagecoach route, or the Indian trail.
  8. The 3-year-old route is a tough road.
  9. Secretary of State Warren Christopher told reporters en route from Israel.
  10. Even the arriving buses lined up to wait along Route 32.
  11. Plane trips were sometimes routed through Dallas, where relatives live.
  12. Following the new feminine route, accessories take a lively turn.
  13. She had carried out an en route inspection the day before.
  14. Sometimes we're not running the right route ."
  15. There are so many vans that take this route every day.
  16. Coastal Thailand routes like " Beauty of Danger,"
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