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  1. This keeps the router stationary while the wood passes over it.
  2. I've been thinking about buying a router for years.
  3. Our routers were overwhelmed by this mock traffic that hit us,
  4. The building will be stacked with servers, routers and switches.
  5. I'd make a carriage jig for a plunge router.
  6. It's difficult to find router in a sentence.
  7. Backing up those machines are simplified routers, known as switchers.
  8. -- RP114 WEB SAFE ROUTER _ $ 125, NetGear.
  9. So do the cabling, routers, switches and other systems.
  10. For most home users a router is the device of choice.
  11. A router creates a single Internet address for your home system.
  12. I'm going to recommend you buy a LinkSys router.
  13. I run three computers on the four-line stackable router.
  14. So a router creates a hardware firewall to protect your computer.
  15. The router offered by Earthlink has a built-in firewall.
  16. Most of the first generation of consumer routers skimped on security.
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