route 20a in a sentence

  1. Interstate 390 and U . S . Route 20A pass through the town.
  2. U . S . Route 20A ( US 20A ) passes across the town.
  3. U . S . Route 20A crosses the town in an east-west manner.
  4. Just northeast of the interchange is a junction with U . S . Route 20A ) heading southbound.
  5. It is primarily situated along U . S . Route 20A ( New York ) between Ontario County Roads 33 and 37.
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  7. U . S . Route 20A ( concurrent with NY 64 south of US 20 and NY 5 ) and New York State Route 444.
  8. Several miles further downstream it enters U . S . Route 20A to pass to the west of Warsaw High School and its athletic fields.
  9. The center of the hamlet can roughly be placed at the intersection of Route 20A and Ontario County Road 36 ( West Lake Road ).
  10. U . S . Route 20A ( Quaker Street ) passes through the village, intersecting with New York State Route 240 / New York State Route 277.
  11. Wessex Connect does still operate the circular route 20A / C ( the suffixes denoting anticlockwise and clockwise services respectively ), a route previously operated by First.
  12. The U . S . Route 20A and New York State Route 39 form an east-west highway across the town from Pine Tavern to the eastern town line.
  13. The town can be roughly divided into three geographies : the village has a small-town atmosphere, much of Route 20A is heavily commercialized, and the majority of the town's area is farmland.
  14. The increasing presence of big-box stores on Route 20A has been welcomed by some residents, who appreciate the convenience of nearby retailers, and discouraged by others, who oppose the suburbanization of the small town.
  15. The village of Geneseo is entirely contained within the western part of the U . S . Route 20A . A portion of the village  the Geneseo Historic District  was designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior in 1991.

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