route 203 in a sentence

  1. Taku Senior High School is located just off route 203 in Taku City.
  2. Route 203 begins as Windham Center Road at an intersection with North Windham section of town.
  3. In 1969, a number of minor state highways were deleted, and State Route 203 was not immune.
  4. From the station, walk straight ahead to route 203, turn left and cross the road via the overpass.
  5. The church and cemetery are on a parcel on the south side of Route 203 at the fork with South Street.
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  7. "' Route 203 "'is a provincial highway located in the Mont閞間ie region of Quebec south of Montreal.
  8. Route 203 is the newest route; it began operation on 2 September 2009 . Routes 201 and 202 opened in 2004 respectively.
  9. Route 203 is considered the loneliest road in the province because it has the longest uninhabited stretch of any paved highway in Nova Scotia.
  10. The building is located just northeast of Spencertown, the small center of the Town of Austerlitz, along the north side of Route 203.
  11. "' Olivet "'is an unincorporated community in Savannah and is served by Tennessee State Route 203 and Tennessee State Route 226.
  12. He also refers to it as being jointly owned by the Presbyterian church and a Methodist church across the street, on what is now Route 203.
  13. To reach the Tamarack Lodge Resort, exit 395 on Route 203 into Mammoth Lakes, then fork left onto Lake Mary Road just past the main village.
  14. In 1988, of the Powder River was designated Thief Valley Dam and the Oregon Route 203 bridge, this stretch flows through a rugged canyon with spectacular geologic formations.
  15. Before parting, we stopped off at the Berry Farm, a stand located on Route 203 between Chatham and Valatie, and filled up with fruits, vegetables and homemade jams.
  16. If coming from the Nagasaki Expressway, get off at the Taku I . C . and turn left . Drive for about 2 minutes and you will come to route 203.
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