route 200 in a sentence

  1. The route is legally defined as Routes 200 and 283 in the Minnesota Statutes.
  2. The town borders Mexico highway route 200 which parallels the coast from Tepic Nayarit all the way to the Guatemala border.
  3. I saw some unnecessarily snide comments, and the same stubbornness that led to the situation mentioned above with Maryland Route 200.
  4. In September 2008 South Gloucestershire began operating their first full-time National Express contract on route 200 between Bristol and Gatwick Airport.
  5. "' State Route 200 "'was created in 1928 to run west from NC 800 to match in 1940.
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  7. Public transit ( bus ) riders can access the Park via Metro Transit's routes 200, 216, 217, and 927.
  8. *"'Merge "'into Maryland Route 200-the latter is only 50kb total and can soak it up.
  9. Stops on Z黵ich tram routes 13 are adjacent to the station, as is the terminus of regional bus routes 200, 444 and 445.
  10. Instead, drivers will need to take County Route 200A in Gangzai, which connects to County Route 200, to continue along Highway 26.
  11. The extension means that route 201 no longer serves WLU . Route 200 iXpress now stops at Hagey and Columbia to allow transfers between the two routes.
  12. The largest parcel lies between Laurel and Beltsville to be developed under the name Konterra, buoyed by access to major highways via the construction of Maryland Route 200.
  13. An east-west toll freeway, the Intercounty Connector ( Maryland Route 200 ), also known as the ICC, links Interstate 370 and Prince George's County.
  14. In the case of " History of Maryland Route 200 " the AfD decided to keep the article, and I look forward to expanding it, consistent with Wikipedia policies.
  15. The highway starts at SR-22A . Tennessee State Route 200 is for the most part a narrow winding road that runs mainly through farm land and rural residential areas.
  16. Since 2011 Stagecoach in Oxfordshire has operated bus route 200 between Banbury and Daventry via Wardington, running hourly from Mondays to Saturdays . There is no Sunday or bank holiday service.
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