route 1a in a sentence

  1. The second US 1 / Route 1A concurrency is only long.
  2. In Narragansett, Route 1A follows Kingstown Road and Narragansett Avenue.
  3. NARRAGANSETT TOWN BEACH and SCARBOROUGH BEACH, off Route 1A in Narragansett.
  4. Route 1A was then truncated to the Sumner Tunnel interchange.
  5. Located approximately southwest of National Route 1A and the M? Thu?n Bridge.
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  7. New Hampshire Route 1A continues north from this point.
  8. Route 1A was replaced with Rhode Island Route 3.
  9. Prior to this on the southbound side, Route 1A meets Route 1.
  10. The west is limited by the National Route 1A.
  11. Take Route 1A to Ellsworth, Maine, Route 1 to Whiting, Maine.
  12. It was renumbered to Route 1A by 1934.
  13. Delaware Route 14A was the former designation of Delaware Route 1A in Rehoboth Beach.
  14. On the Vietnamese side of Youyiguan is the northern terminus of National Route 1A.
  15. This extended I-90 by an additional, before finally terminating at Route 1A.
  16. It lies south of U . S . Route 1A and the Downeast Scenic Railroad.
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