route 19a in a sentence

  1. Route 19a from Tinshill runs via-Headingley Stadium-Leeds city centre-Leeds " City Bus Station ".
  2. It was not until 5 October 1974 that the Sunday service reverted to Tooting Bec, following the withdrawal of route 19A . During 1975 garage journeys were extended to Tufnell Park, with the whole route being extended further to Archway by 1984.
  3. On May 5, 2014, MiWay realigned service along Hurontario corridor once again to provide more 10-minute service on daytime along the express route during weekdays, while cutting Routes 19A, 19B, and 19C for the local service south of Trillium Health Centre, leaving only the main branch of Route 19 to serve the entire Mississauga portion of the corridor from Highway 407 to Port Credit.
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