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  1. The round wood-and-stone museum stands on a level plain fronting the foothills.
  2. Instead, he entertained the gallery with a round Woods might want to forget.
  3. It was the kind of round Woods might have liked to save for a Sunday.
  4. Three yurts _ 12-foot round wood structures covered with canvas _ are heated by wood-burning stoves.
  5. A side porch is located on the south elevation, with two round wood columns with Doric capitals.
  6. It's difficult to find round wood in a sentence.
  7. The 63rd Brigade formed a defensive flank, until touch was gained with the 34th Division at Round Wood.
  8. The 63rd Brigade formed a defensive flank until touch was gained with the 34th Division at Round Wood.
  9. The right flank was to advance to Fricourt Farm and the left to Round Wood, south of Scots Redoubt.
  10. After the strange round Woods had, to toss a stroke away at the 18th on a overcooked 2-iron seemed wasteful.
  11. A replacement company failed to reach the area but took cover in Round Wood, where it repulsed the first 64th Brigade attack.
  12. The 120m quay is used by Ferguson Transport as a port for fish farming supplies, forestry products, round wood, road salt and fertilizer.
  13. After his round Woods, a 19-year-old completing his freshman year at Stanford, preferred to focus on his putting rather than his astounding length.
  14. Brigadier-General Headlam led an attack on Round Wood to the north but most of the attackers were hit by machine-gun fire from the wood.
  15. In the ninth round Woods sustained heavy punishment to the head at the hands of Johnson, but fought back to win the subsequent rounds.
  16. Six metal beds rusting on filthy floors, a small round wood-burning stove, electricity from 6 p . m . to midnight and windows facing south.
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