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  1. Round trip time estimation is based only on unambiguous acknowledgments, which are acknowledgments for segments that were sent only once.
  2. He is the inventor of Karn's Algorithm, a method for calculating the round trip time for IP packet retransmission.
  3. The policy of additive increase may, for instance, increase the congestion window by a fixed amount every round trip time.
  4. These individual RTT samples are then averaged over time to create a Smoothed Round Trip Time ( SRTT ) using Jacobson's algorithm.
  5. The total time considers the round trip time along the channel, the processing time in the hosts and the time transmitting data and acknowledgements.
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  7. The idea behind TFRC is to measure the loss probability and round trip time and to use these as the parameters to a model of TCP throughput.
  8. This window is increased by one packet every round trip time if no packets have been lost, and is decreased by half if a packet loss is detected.
  9. Thus TCP's window ( and hence throughput ) is a function of the losses observed in the network and the round trip time experienced by the flow.
  10. Since the increase of the round trip time is caused by the buffer on the bottleneck, the maximum increase gives a rough estimation of its size in milliseconds.
  11. In theory, using this partly land route could result in round trip times below 40 ms, not counting switching ( which is the speed of light minimum ).
  12. The node information can be augmented with round trip times, or RTT . This information will be used to choose a time-out specific for every consulted node.
  13. Acting as an upload server to the limit of ones upload bandwidth increases the round trip time for webpage requests, making web browsing while using PPS . tv difficult.
  14. In this example, the shortest round trip time was 9.674 ms, the average was 10.968 ms, and the maximum value was 11.726 ms.
  15. Although the PN sequence was periodic, its period of about 5 seconds exceeded the largest possible round trip time to the moon so there would be no ambiguity in its received timing.
  16. Under Spring, IPC is synchronous; control is immediately passed to the server without running the scheduler, improving the round trip time in the common case when the server can immediately return.
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