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  1. The thirty-first and last transatlantic round trip flight by SILA was completed on 30 July.
  2. Take a round trip flight between Phoenix and Seattle.
  3. Andamiro provides a round trip flight, hotel, meals, transportation and tour at WPF for national winners.
  4. In 1928, Julian sought funds for a plane to make a round trip flight to Paris.
  5. Saturday's cancellations include round trip flights from Heathrow to Amsterdam, Netherlands; Copenhagen, Denmark, and Phoenix, Arizona.
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  7. The cuts in service represent 33 weekly round trip flights between those cities and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.
  8. Both airlines operated up to six round trip flights a day between the airport and LAX before ceasing all service.
  9. The amount of service depends on the size and location of a city, but most receive three round trip flights daily.
  10. The eight-hour round trip flight from Rabaul to Guadalcanal, about total, seriously hampered Japanese efforts to establish air superiority over Henderson Field.
  11. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced Thursday it is adding a fourth weekly round trip flight between Amsterdam and Seoul, starting June 23.
  12. Among these was the pair s first transcontinental round trip flight by black pilots, from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Los Angeles, California.
  13. The F2H-2B testing on which Feightner worked included the longest non-stop, round trip flight from a carrier & mdash; more than 2, 800 miles.
  14. In 1981, Golden West was the only air carrier flying nonstop between Santa Barbara and LAX with up to fourteen round trip flights a day.
  15. In November 1998, Business Express Airlines announced service between Presque Isle, Maine's Northern Maine Regional Airport from Boston Logan commencing with four daily round trip flights.
  16. Thus, there were a total of 41 round trip flights a week being operated with mainline jet aircraft between Grand Cayman and Miami at this time.
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