round tree in a sentence

"round tree" in Chinese  
  1. It must know it's special-- no blow-dry pruning, no dye, just a year-round tree.
  2. Known as Khariko Bot or Chkal Sim ( Round Tree ), it was used by Nepal's heads of state and government to make major proclamations.
  3. Her exhibition " Enchanted " at Art Musings Gallery, Colaba, Mumbai in January 2013 consisted of intricate colourful paintings of " perfectly round trees, serene-looking people and pretty birds"
  4. It is something like the following : Each side is put up of 8 to 9 round fir trees, which are laid one on top the other, but so far apart that it is almost possible for a man to crawl through . . . The roof is made of round trees covered with split fir trees . . . " And then, " a great number of our men preferred to camp out in the woods, where they could protect themselves better against the cold than in the barracks ."
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