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  1. Thus, as a matter of fairness, you may indeed round down.
  2. Rademacher knocked down Patterson in the second round down before losing.
  3. Simmons finished the third round down 6-10, fourth 11-12 and won the fight 19-11.
  4. That's seven rounds down and six to go in Kendall's quixotic pursuit of motorsports history.
  5. "I remember playing the Bay Course, shooting a good round down there, " he said.
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  7. Simmons finished the third round down 10-6, 12-11 in the fourth yet won the fight 19-11.
  8. :: : I agree, this allowing companies to round down to the nearest gram is unacceptable.
  9. Among them is the Austrian Federal Railways, which says it's still on track to round down.
  10. One round down and three to go.
  11. Some will round up and some will round down, but there will be no overall price increase.
  12. I wanted to round down &  talk ) 19 : 33, 23 July 2007 ( UTC)
  13. Then presumably . 07 rounds down to . 05 and . 08 rounds up to . 10?
  14. Six rounds down, five to go.
  15. The moon is full, shining on a lone heavily armed Marine making his late rounds down the promenade.
  16. From Pf鋐ers you can also walk the otherway round down to the " Taminaschlucht " with its hot spring.
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