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  1. The filler is smooth and it is impossible to match the rough finish.
  2. The Giants cruised from there, leaving Saarloos to wonder about his rough finish.
  3. Homasote is a papier-mache ( pressed paper ) panel, and has a rough finish.
  4. The pottery tended to have a rough finish.
  5. Harrowing is often carried out on fields to follow the rough finish left by plowing operations.
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  7. The quoins also have a rough finish.
  8. He won by a head from the Irish-trained favourite Chamier, ridden by Bill Rickaby, in a rough finish.
  9. For the 38H, this meant simpler markings, rough finish, and the elimination of features like the slide-mounted safety.
  10. Although the rough finish is said to be more abrasion-resistant, REI's Smith says it is mostly for appearance.
  11. ROUGH FINISH : A . J . Foyt IV's best weekend in an IRL car didn't end quite as he'd hoped.
  12. In a rough finish, Sunshine was beaten a head by another filly, Frivloity, with Knigcraft a further head behind in third.
  13. The single-storeyed timber church, with timber buttresses, has been clad with fibrous cement sheeting and sprayed with a rough finish concrete render.
  14. Rough finishes on stone are also very common in architecture outside the European tradition, but these too would generally not be called rustication.
  15. The outside is made of heavy exterior blocks of the building were etched in a rough finish, accented with austere Gothic trim and details.
  16. However, the rough finish on the interior stonework leads many scholars to believe that the frescoes were added as part of the original building programme.
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