roofy in a sentence

"roofy" meaning  "roofy" in Chinese  
  1. Known on the street as " roofies,"
  2. Aka : R2, roach, rope, roofies.
  3. Alone, roofies make users feel very sleepy.
  4. In South Florida, school officials have added roofies to their group counseling and classroom discussions.
  5. Rohypnol is also known as " roofies " or " Mexican Valium ."
  6. It's difficult to find roofy in a sentence.
  7. These were illustrated firstly by Fred Roofy and later Dick Hartley, resident artists with Sunday Times.
  8. This causes Cameron to suspect that Jordan may have been drugged by roofies and raped by Keener.
  9. Joan then receives roofies from Tina's Asian crew, testing the tablets out for herself.
  10. Two busts for other drugs in January netted a total of nine doses of roofies, he said.
  11. Maria B ., 18 a senior, said she only took roofies on special occasions to feel relaxed.
  12. She runs away with Tamara who gives her roofies and allows her to be raped in exchange for pills.
  13. After discovering roofies were involved at the party, he steals Noah's supply and replaces them with placebos.
  14. He says that Logan gave him the roofies, which were GHB . At their date, Logan waits alone.
  15. The late rocker Kurt Cobain was hospitalized from the effects of a combo of roofies and champagne shortly before his death.
  16. Describing himself as normally passive, he said he got into several fights after taking a combination of roofies and alcohol.
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