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  1. His rocket plane was dropped from a B-29 at 34, 000 feet.
  2. The P2B would fly to about, then release the rocket plane.
  3. It is also possible, that rocket planes launch vertically without changing their orientation.
  4. Global travel is conducted using rocket planes, which are colour-coded according to their destinations.
  5. Tiling developed re-usable rocket planes which start as a rocket and land with swinging-out wings.
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  7. Meanwhile, the pilots return the rocket plane to Vandenberg.
  8. For example, the experimental rocket plane SpaceShipOne was designed without any use of wind tunnels.
  9. The rocket plane could have climbed higher, he said.
  10. This supersonic rocket plane first flew on June 8, 1959 with Scott Crossfield at the controls.
  11. It is a rocket plane with a large wingspan, straight rearwards wing and a pair of canards.
  12. Opel planned to build a second rocket plane, but apparently lost interest before the project was completed.
  13. I believe Nazi Germany experimented with rocket planes about the same time as jet engines, would those work?
  14. Space Launch Corp ., meanwhile, is building a rocket plane that could be used to launch small satellites.
  15. The next year, in 1929, the Opel RAK . 1 became the first purpose-built rocket plane to fly.
  16. The airplane served as the mother ship for 106 of the 199 X-15 rocket plane flights of the 1960s.
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