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  1. Furthermore, Thiel continued to research different fuel mixtures for the rocket engines.
  2. Rocket engines ignite and propel the payload to the final orbital altitude.
  3. "Every rocket engine is tested at Stennis before it's put into use.
  4. This principle was first used in a rocket engine by Robert Goddard.
  5. Wendell Moore developed the Bell Rocket belt, utilizing peroxide monopropellant rocket engines.
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  7. They would be equipped with liquid methane / liquid oxygen rocket engines.
  8. Engineers say this approach can make rocket engines simpler and more efficient.
  9. Another piece looks at Vasimr, a plasma-drive rocket engine now being developed.
  10. It is a measure of the fuel efficiency of a rocket engine.
  11. It does not have a bell-shaped nozzle found on traditional rocket engines.
  12. Liquid rocket engine development within DARE is done by the Deimos team.
  13. Rocket engines are more efficient than even scramjets above roughly Mach 15.
  14. The space cruiser would use rocket engines to travel to 100 kilometers.
  15. "And it doesn't take nearly as long to make this rocket engine.
  16. Finally, rocket engines often run " rich " to slow internal corrosion.
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