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  1. She has honorary degrees from UNH, Rivier College, New Hampshire College.
  2. At the Paris Conservatoire he attended Jean Rivier and Andr?Jolivet classes for composition.
  3. Other teachers include Jean Rivier and Olivier Messiaen.
  4. She holds honorary degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, Rivier College and Hunter College.
  5. She held honorary degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, Rivier College and Hunter College.
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  7. In 1925, Rivier exhibited his works at the Grenette in front of the palace.
  8. But if Rivier's technique evolved, his classic sources of inspiration hardly changed.
  9. Mayor Lozeau, a third-generation Nashua native, attended public schools and Rivier College.
  10. Silvio Rivier is a confirmed bachelor.
  11. Alexander Henry ( 1799 ) referred to it as Rivier Terre Blanche meaning White Earth or Mud River.
  12. Snow attended Rivier College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy through its continuing education program.
  13. In 2012, Emerson's Women's Volleyball team defeated Rivier to become the 2012 GNAC Champions.
  14. By January 1945, the German I Parachute Corps was deployed to the Adriatic coast behind the Senio Rivier.
  15. The first irrigation scheme on the Klein Rivier was started by James Wait in 1827 and completed in 1830.
  16. The style Rivier chose was in harmony historicist architecture of the palace and the destination of l'Aula.
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