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  1. Mayor Lozeau, a third-generation Nashua native, attended public schools and Rivier College.
  2. She has honorary degrees from UNH, Rivier College, New Hampshire College.
  3. She holds honorary degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, Rivier College and Hunter College.
  4. She held honorary degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, Rivier College and Hunter College.
  5. Snow attended Rivier College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy through its continuing education program.
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  7. As a senior lecturer, Tomajczyk taught writing and communication courses at both Franklin Pierce University and Rivier College in New Hampshire.
  8. Peter Frost, a researcher at Rivier College in Nashua, N . H ., showed students slides of a " crime scene ."
  9. Rachel Pinton served as Interim Commissioner to finish the 2010 season until Joanne Merrill [ Rivier College ] was elected for the 2011 season.
  10. His biography in " Who's Who in America " says he received an MBA from Rivier College, a small school in Nashua in 1976.
  11. Gurskis grew up in North Attleboro and after a year at UMass-Amherst went to work for Raytheon Corp . while earning a degree from Rivier College, in Nashua.
  12. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was at Smith College in September on the same night consumer activist Ralph Nader was at Rivier College in Nashua, N . H ..
  13. After struggling with obesity for nearly 40 years, Mary Nedder said she was hurt but not surprised that her size was brought up by supervisors at Rivier College, where she worked as an assistant professor.
  14. Brodsky also keynoted at Rivier College for the President's Leadership Forum, and he has been a featured speaker at TedX, and at E & Y Entrepreneur of the Year summits and competitions in Palm Springs and Boston.
  15. "Pretty soon we'll have a pre-natal exam and begin testing people from the womb to the tomb, " said Dr . Charles L . Mitsakos, the former Winchester school superintendent who now chairs the education department at Rivier College in Nashua.

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