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  1. The design assumed a welded hull rather than the usual rivetting.
  2. Pretty and gentle, yes; rivetting, no.
  3. These were constructed used welding rather than rivetting.
  4. Wood classified the processes used by the tailorbird in nest as sewing, rivetting, lacing and matting.
  5. The accident happened after the control stick had broken off, due to a forgotten stage of rivetting.
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  7. The structure of the Gnat is of a conventional metal stressed-skin nature, employing extensive flush-rivetting.
  8. This to be done using plate rivetting by a team of 10, and was envisaged to take two years.
  9. Australia came off second best Saturday on a rivetting day's play in the first test against India in this southern Indian city.
  10. For much of the Victorian " age of steam ", the only material used for boilermaking was the highest grade of wrought iron, with assembly by rivetting.
  11. I remember it used to be Douglas Adams's favourite bit of television . . . He thought it was such a rivetting piece of TV, and it really is ".
  12. A modern plant along North American lines was added in " " J黮icher Stra遝 " in the 1890s, with modern equipment including air hammers, rivetting machines, and electric power for machines.
  13. Rivetting had been used on the FS-23 through reinforcement with birch plys, but the best results were obtained by re-inforcing with extra fibreglass plys and direct bonding without screws, bolts or rivets.
  14. In steel shipbuilding, the entire frame can be formed in one piece by rivetting or welding sections; in this case the floor remains a separate piece, joining the frame on each side to the keel.
  15. Sent to jail on a minor drug charge, an inner-city poet ( rivetting newcomer Saul Williams ) discovers that the power of words is one way to fight the sour chaos of a ruined legal system.
  16. "That was a sad sideshow, " said one delegate, Miles Rapoport, the secretary of state of Connecticut, speaking of the day's rivetting news of the forced departure of Dick Morris, one of the president's closest political advisers.
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