rivetted in a sentence

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  1. The blades were made of cadmium plates rivetted to aluminium blades.
  2. The boiler was of rivetted construction and comprised several sections.
  3. The aircraft was made from pop rivetted sheet aluminum.
  4. The body was formed of alloy panels rivetted on a light steel frame.
  5. She had a traditional rivetted hull, steel flight decks and a closed hangar.
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  7. The set used the above rivetted body type.
  8. These coaches were of rivetted construction in accordance with the standards of the time.
  9. The boiler was rivetted from several sections.
  10. The turret was made of four pieces rivetted together and had room enough for two crew members.
  11. Common to all three ships was a traditional rivetted hull, steel flight decks and a closed hangar.
  12. Read and Campbell's famous copper-shell hand-rivetted extinguisher was also made by Rampart.
  13. In some cases the nest is made from a single large leaf, the margins of which are rivetted together.
  14. The Hampden used a flush-rivetted stressed skin design, which was reinforced with a mixture of bent and extruded sections.
  15. From 1933, the transition from rivetted to welded technology reduced the dead weight of the vehicles and increased the maximum load correspondingly.
  16. A native Italian design was the L6 / 40, a very small light tank with a 20 mm Breda cannon and rivetted construction.
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