river in a sentence

"river" meaning  
  1. I wonder if both river men have mentally crossed their fingers.
  2. A river of hostas runs along the back of the house.
  3. Other hotel executives on both sides of the Hudson River agreed.
  4. Canada has taken an increasingly aggressive stance toward Fraser River salmon.
  5. Grain prices tend to go up when river levels go down.
  6. It's difficult to find river in a sentence.
  7. His favorite song was " Red River Valley ."
  8. The comparisons to the Kissimmee River project in Florida are striking.
  9. The river must be why this is a final resting place.
  10. "We got a river, haven't we?
  11. This is how it is right now on the Sacramento River.
  12. For years, Rene Ewald measured the currents of Haitian rivers.
  13. The alternative is to rent a houseboat on an inland river.
  14. Rivers joked, " so I got this ."
  15. River Bottom is a community united by and bound to water.
  16. "The River Wild " starts out calmly enough.
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