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  1. There are no known sources describing medieval rulesets for Ringen competition.
  2. He placed first in the 5-days event O-Ringen in 1979.
  3. Between Ringen and the Silberberg tunnel, the line would have crossed the Adenbach valley.
  4. The route between Liblar and Ringen was used for the construction of the A 61 autobahn.
  5. Christian Hoard and Jonathan Ringen of " Rolling Stone " were unimpressed by the album.
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  7. In 1941, Jakobsen formed " Ringen " or the Ring, a secret resistance organisation.
  8. Two years in 1968 and 1969 in Denmarks Jyllands-Ringen, with two wins from four races.
  9. In 1918, construction began of the section from Ringen to the planned Nierendorf station between Nierendorf and Leimersdorf.
  10. From 2008 multi-sport has been represented at the competition in the form of the O-Ringen Multi.
  11. The O-Ringen Academy is a training program which consists of three sections; International, Leadership and Sports.
  12. An den beiden Enden der Hauptschwinge sind mehrere L鯿her eingebracht, in denen mit eisernen Ringen befestigte Augeisen eingef黦t sind.
  13. Southeast of the proposed Ringen station, the route to Rech and Bad-Bodendorf branches from the Strategic Railway Embankment.
  14. Ringen estimates that the funds collectively pay more than $ 3.3 billion a year to treat smoking-related illnesses.
  15. In 1994 Sidensj?IK was responsible for organizing the first leg of the great orienteering competition called'O-ringen 5-dagars '.
  16. The Sports section is more concerned with the physical side with training camps of different sorts, including a week for juniors before the O-Ringen.
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