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  1. Closed-cell rigid foams are used as thermal insulation, for example in refrigerators.
  2. Some low-quality steel doors have corrugated cardboard inside instead of rigid foam.
  3. Such properties are desired in rigid foam products used in the construction sector.
  4. This process is usually used to produce rigid foam automotive panels.
  5. Today, the name has become synonymous with all rigid foam products.
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  7. Cover the top of the trap door with a layer of rigid foam insulation.
  8. In 1967, urethane-modified polyisocyanurate rigid foams were introduced, offering even better thermal stability and flammability resistance.
  9. Rigid foam surfactants are designed to produce very fine cells and a very high closed cell content.
  10. Chamblee's was made of rigid foam insulation and weighed 300 pounds, which did not meet the competition's requirements.
  11. The compartmentalized interior of the station is enclosed in sheet metal with an interior polyurethane rigid foam insulation.
  12. In the 1940s rigid foam was applied to airplanes, and in 1979 polyurethane began being used as building insulation.
  13. The British also tried a simpler method of protection : lining a container with rigid foam eight inches thick.
  14. TDI is used in the making of urethane for flexible and rigid foam used in furniture, bedding and carpet underlay.
  15. Rigid foam insulation tubes that snap around the body of pipes costs $ 1 to $ 2 per 6-foot section.
  16. It was constructed of plastic reinforced with fiberglass, in a sandwich with the skin separated by a rigid foam core.
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