rigid economy in a sentence

"rigid economy" in Chinese  
  1. Their platforms are remarkably similar _ lower taxes and a less rigid economy.
  2. Alexander III put the most rigid economy into practice.
  3. A rigid economy characterised all Shivaji's instructions regarding expenditure.
  4. Their platforms are remarkably similar : safer streets, lower taxes and perhaps a less rigid economy.
  5. By means of the most rigid economy his widowed mother managed to secure his education in the Cumberland University.
  6. It's difficult to find rigid economy in a sentence.
  7. As was true of many of the pioneers of that day, he believed in hard work and rigid economy.
  8. Due to the care he lavished upon the army, Nikephoros II was compelled to exercise rigid economy in other departments.
  9. Nairne was not a rich man; and in order to pay for its purchase, he had to adopt the most rigid economy.
  10. To use all lawful and constitutional means of including the most rigid economy in the expenditure of the Government, consistent with due efficiency in the several departments in the public service.
  11. In that letter, English called the disputes of the Civil War settled, and promised a " sound currency, of honest money ", the restriction of Chinese immigration, and a " rigid economy in public expenditure ".
  12. Completing his apprenticeship in 1844, he moved to New York and worked for the organ of the new American Republican Party ( later Native American; Know-Nothing ) while he lived by " practicing the most rigid economy ".
  13. The amount of revenue accruing to the Crown from the whole " Reduktion " is impossible to estimate; but by these means, combined with careful management and rigid economy, Charles XI reduced the national debt by three quarters.
  14. Instead, " the measure of their success " will be the extent to which Japan follows his prescription for deregulation of the country's highly developed but rigid economy, which has been plagued by slow growth in recent years as it lost ground to more open competitors.
  15. If little else is done, the West Europeans will retain their fiscal burdens and rigid economies and watch admiringly ( or sadly ) as the real growth takes place to their east _ or else, as seems all too possible, they will hamper that growth by forcing the newcomers to share their own restrictions and subsidies.
  16. The lack of regulations with respect to the room of psychological relaxation is another proof of rigid economy regime in providing psychological support . ( Earlier the requirements stipulated that the room had to be equipped with color TV set, video and audio tape recorder, acoustic system with quadro-effect, projector with relaxation slides etc . ).

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