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  1. However, although there may be formal hierarchical structures, communication should be not limited by rigid boundaries.
  2. In mixing such objects, Shackelford relaxed rigid boundaries of curatorial turf as well as traditional art-historical categories.
  3. Willis stresses that structural conditions constrain symbolic work to rigid boundaries, more specifically the ever-shifting, unrelenting structure of'class '.
  4. The Hopi and the Navajos shared a view of the land that did not require rigid boundaries and exclusive ownership.
  5. Coalitions in families are subsystems within families with more rigid boundaries and are thought to be a sign of family dysfunction.
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  7. Her proteiform body of work lies on a contrasted dialog between the ever-changing psychological identity and the rigid boundaries of physical identification.
  8. Why are there such rigid boundaries about discussing sex when homosexuality is involved, if people are willing to go into such detail about " heterosexual affairs?
  9. My guess is that somehow the subtle error is supposed to attract the viewer's subconscious attention, in people with a more rigid boundary between conscious and subconscious.
  10. Let w = f ( z ) be the complex stream function for a fluid flow with no rigid boundaries and no singularities within | z | = a.
  11. Yet the rigid boundaries between the herrena and the ttakuna have melted away in modern txalaparta, so much so that the ttakuna players may perform themselves combinations belonging to the herrena.
  12. Lustre varies over a wide continuum, and so there are no rigid boundaries between the different types of lustre . ( For this reason, different sources can often describe the same mineral differently.
  13. Hoffer argues that the relatively low number of mass movements in America at that time was attributable to a culture that blurred traditionally rigid boundaries between nationalist, racial and religious groups and allowed greater opportunities for individual accomplishment.
  14. All three projects had heavy electronic overtones in their production, and continued to show Jarel's willingness to move away from more traditional sample based music, and explore beyond the rigid boundaries set in place by many musical genres.
  15. In the case of a rigid boundary at the bottom and a free boundary at the top ( as in the case of a kettle without a lid ), the critical Rayleigh number comes out as Ra = 1, 100.65.
  16. As in her previous novels, Mossanen weaved characters of her own creation among historical figures, protagonists such as the opal-eyed Darya Borisovna and the Jewish Avram Bensheimer, whose great love test the rigid boundaries of an anti-Semite court steeped in myth and superstition.
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