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  1. In any case, the analysis of the rigid body motion begins with the point force model.
  2. A " rigid body motion " is in effect the same as a curve in the Euclidean group.
  3. Applied mathematics ( ballistics, rigid body motion, etc ) also demands that you memorize a whole bunch of equations.
  4. The Hessian, however is not invertible, as its rank is 3N-6 ( 6 variables responsible to a rigid body motion ).
  5. 1888 : The Kovalevskaya top, one of a brief list of known examples of integrable rigid body motion, was discovered by Sofia Kovalevskaya.
  6. It's difficult to find rigid body motion in a sentence.
  7. The pontoon type is flexible compared to other kinds of offshore structures, so that the elastic deformations are more important than their rigid body motions.
  8. Such a measure does not distinguish between rigid body motions ( translations and rotations ) and changes in shape ( and size ) of the body.
  9. The asteroid was named after the first major Russian female mathematician, Sofia Kovalevskaya ( 1850 1891 ), who has made important contributions to partial differential equations and rigid body motion " ( also see Kovalevskaya top ) ".
  10. Where x is a degree of freedom ( e . g . a vector of rigid body motions ), \ omega is the oscillation frequency, M is the structural mass and inertia A ( \ omega ) is the added mass ( frequency dependent ), B ( \ omega ) is the linear damping ( frequency dependent ), C is the restoring force coefficient ( similar to stiffness matrix in a structural dynamic function ) and F ( \ omega ) is the harmonic excitation force proportional to x and the wave height \ zeta _ a.

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