rigid bodies in a sentence

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  1. If it does, the more rigid body structure will be partly responsible.
  2. :: : Treating the Earth a single rigid body is not appropriate.
  3. As was stated above, Euclidean rotations are applied to rigid body dynamics.
  4. He established several important theorems ( all called dynamics of rigid bodies.
  5. The rigid body is likely to offer occupant protection in a crash.
  6. It's difficult to find rigid bodies in a sentence.
  7. I was sick the day we covered special relativity of rigid bodies.
  8. They can connect rigid bodies, flexible bodies, or rigid and flexible bodies.
  9. Here is not assumed that the rigid body rotates around the origin.
  10. With its new rigid body construction, ride and handling are greatly improved.
  11. Also, the large impact craters on Mathilde would have shattered a rigid body.
  12. No truly rigid body exists; external forces can deform any solid.
  13. When his parents hold him, they sit his rigid body on their lap.
  14. With two rigid bodies it has twelve dimensions, and so on.
  15. C + + is used for the simulation part and rigid body physics.
  16. This useful fact makes, for example, derivation of rigid body rotation relatively simple.
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