rightly in a sentence

"rightly" meaning  "rightly" in Chinese  
  1. The Disney press office has rightly poured scorn on these complaints.
  2. People are all for sea otters and pandas and rightly so.
  3. Mike Wallace pooh-poohed the answer, and rightly so.
  4. Shaham, quite rightly, did not condescend to the work.
  5. In one sense the Constitution does discriminate, and rightly so.
  6. It's difficult to find rightly in a sentence.
  7. People rightly want to be assured that the quality is there.
  8. The relationship is a complex one, the author rightly notes.
  9. Part-time jobs rightly have a reputation for low pay.
  10. He will rightly proclaim that he still had a good season.
  11. The circle has rightly been called a destination within a destination.
  12. Now the commission has rightly, if belatedly, reversed course.
  13. You will talk about your stout defense, and rightly so.
  14. Everybody pointed fingers for years at management, and rightly so.
  15. Students are quite rightly urged to use the minimum help possible.
  16. The White House has threatened a veto, and rightly so.
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