rightly deserve in a sentence

"rightly deserve" in Chinese  
  1. People in the supermarkets were glad to get what they wanted and rightly deserved.
  2. AWAG is important to many many people and rightly deserves its place in history CaRtEr
  3. Thus, I feel the block was rightly deserved.
  4. In the view of some, he rightly deserves the title of  father of the Extension Service.
  5. If you're a middle guy or a setup guy, you don't always get the credit you rightly deserve.
  6. It's difficult to find rightly deserve in a sentence.
  7. But the other camp believes that someone must shoulder the blame and that Cha rightly deserved to be fired.
  8. Then what happened was unexpected but rightly deserved after 21 years unbroken deploying his talent and passion for music.
  9. On the P3-billion yearly subsidy for the Cordillera, Carling says all regions rightly deserve support from the national government.
  10. A relatively straightforward coda, the song ends with a gesture the album rightly deserves : the sound of applause ".
  11. "There are people who want, and rightly deserve, recognition for giving, but in our case it wasn't important, " he said.
  12. "Spouses thereby ensure the survival of society and culture, and rightly deserve specific and categorical legal recognition by the State, " he added.
  13. I have never taken credit for that recording and have always given Lee Kerslake, whenever asked or interviewed, the credit he rightly deserves ."
  14. Thank you very much, I am sure all you folk are happy now; you make me sick, and I hope you all get what is rightly deserved.
  15. A rightly deserved public fascination exists with World War II and its American warriors, now dying at a rate of slightly more than a thousand a day.
  16. He is and always will be a lexicon of The Howard Stern Show and rightly deserves special recognition for his contributions and works .-- Sir Brentallica-- Knights of the SFN
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