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  1. A thrall was the rightless property of his or her owner.
  2. When you first suggest a rightless being should have rights, it sounds laughable or odd,
  3. They were landless, rightless citizens, and a symptom of the decay of feudal society.
  4. Benhabib argues that somebody who is stateless is seen as an outcast and is in a way rightless.
  5. The Moscow Municipal Duma, the equivalent of a city council, condemned the use of " crude force against rightless and helpless old people " _ a reference to police actions against elderly Russian protesters in Riga two weeks ago.
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  7. The proletariat created by the breaking-up of the bands of feudal retainers and by the forcible expropriation of the people from the soil, this free and rightless * [ " vogelfrei " ] proletariat could not possibly be absorbed by the nascent manufactures as fast as it was thrown upon the world.
  8. After attaining power and the expansion of humans in space, they eventually entered a somewhat stagnant phase in which a fixed lifespan of four hundred years was imposed on the human inhabitants of the planets where the Instrumentality directly ruled, all the hard physical labor was done by rightless animal-derived " underpeople ", and children were never raised by their biological parents.

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