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  1. So are many other Israelis, conspicuously anti-government rightists.
  2. Allen, a strong Christian rightist, told the National Journal.
  3. A note to the animal rightists : Vermin have no rights.
  4. Most of the deputies from the rightist Freedom Party opposed ratification.
  5. Even Japan's feared far-rightist groups joined in.
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  7. Senior doomsday cult leader dies after attack by rightist, reports say
  8. Extreme rightists won some 9 percent of the vote in Liege.
  9. Walesa told deputies from the rightist Confederation for an Independent Poland.
  10. The rightists'action was called a revival of Japanese militarism.
  11. Rightist opposition parties also are likely to support the prime minister.
  12. Authorities in Lower Saxony state said 135 rightists were temporarily detained.
  13. Two more tribal leaders were elected for the rightist Constitution Party.
  14. In a protective gesture, rightist legislatures surrounded the former dictator.
  15. Three rightists were arrested Saturday for violating local noise pollution codes.
  16. There is absolutely no danger of rightist radicalism threatening the republic.
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