rightist party in a sentence

  1. In France, the declaration was denounced by rightist parties.
  2. Has joined with both leftist and rightist parties to form federal coalitions.
  3. Clouthier revived the old rightist party by attracting young, less ideological businessmen.
  4. Spokesmen for rightist parties are quick to agree.
  5. Badges saying this can be bought through the Web sites of various rightist parties.
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  7. Rightist parties pledged to continue fighting the bill.
  8. However, the decision to renew cooperation with the rightist party was not unanimous.
  9. Rightist parties have dominated politics for decades.
  10. The rightist Party of Progress on Tuesday called for a vote against Transport Minister Kjell Opseth.
  11. The only one against it is a far rightist party, which holds just four seats.
  12. Before wooing minority and pension groups, Sanader even negotiated with the rightist Party of Rights.
  13. His challenger in the second round will be Sasko Kedev of the opposition VMRO rightist party.
  14. Despite his political start in a rightist party, Volodymyr Chemerys is now declaring leftist views.
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