rightist opposition in a sentence

  1. Rightist opposition parties also are likely to support the prime minister.
  2. The Likud Party and others in the rightist opposition are firmly against separation.
  3. They said they planned to try to form a new rightist opposition bloc.
  4. The rightist opposition was led by Hu Hanmin.
  5. The rightist opposition denounced Rabin for, in its view, surrendering to Arab pressure.
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  7. Another rightist opposition party, the Christian Democrats, was third with 16.9 percent.
  8. All day, ministers of Jospin's government tried to answer critics from the rightist opposition.
  9. The rightist opposition is counting on the coalition's divisions to bring a change in power.
  10. Barak accepted, despite intense criticism from both the rightist opposition and leading figures in his own Cabinet.
  11. The rightist opposition Thursday renewed calls for the Jospin government to pay the political price of the scandal.
  12. The rightist opposition has widely viewed the proposal as a ploy to help Jospin win the presidential race.
  13. Hungary's rightist opposition leader and former prime minister, Victor Orban, plays an openly nationalist card.
  14. Arafat's failure to carry out that promise until now has become a weapon of the Israeli rightist opposition.
  15. He said the entire rightist opposition was being weakened by " suicidal strategies " promoted by Elysee Palace.
  16. Only one other party reached the 7 % threshold : the Rightist Opposition with ca . 7.5 %.
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